UMEDA DEFENCE has high-scale production capabilities and knowledge on tracked and wheeled land vehicles. Umeda defense offers the service of many different products, including suspensions, filter groups, brake pads, electro-optic groups, hydraulic pumps, connectors.

Brake systems
Brake pads
Electro-optical systems
Running gear
Torsion bars
Suspension systems
Connector, adapter, cables, protection covers
Hydraulic pumps and motors
Heating and cooling systems
Clutch component
Transmission and engine parts
Inner gearing
Lamel sets

In addition to supplying original products with nato stock code (nsn) and part number, Umeda defense specializes in the production of oem parts through technical documents-images and prototypes.

By taking part in the production and supply of tens of thousands of different products, especially the subsystems of military land vehicles, undercarriage gear, transmission, engine and electronic systems, it has managed to become a reliable partner of NATO armies and defense industry companies, especially the Turkish armed forces.


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