Umeda Defense was established in 2014 in Istanbul Turkey. Umeda Defense is a product and service supplier specializing in production and spare parts for defense industry companies, nato armies, and Turkish armed forces. His areas of expertise include military ground vehicles, main battle tanks (m48 a5 t1 and t2 tanks, m60t a1 and a3 series, leopard 1a5, leopard 2a4, leopard 2a6), personnel armored carriers (m113), self-propelled howitzers (pzh200, t-155 storm) ranks first Among the services it offers to its customers, Umeda Defense has a large inventory of spare parts produced in-house or in supplier companies by applying the most rigid quality standards and adhering to all necessary technical production processes. Among his works in Turkey and abroad, there are subjects such as main battle tank modernization, supply of original spare parts, remanufacturing of expired materials, production-process consultancy.


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